NBC Pulls Plug on ‘Frogmen’ Reboot Pilot Starring Michael Jace

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

In arguably the biggest case of déjà vu in the history of network television, NBC has announced it is permanently shelving the pilot “Frogmen,” the reboot of the network’s 1994 pilot of the name. NBC revealed they had no choice to dump “Frogmen,” after the show’s star Michael Jace was recently accused of murdering his wife, the same reason the network was forced to pull the plug on the original pilot twenty-years ago, starring O.J. Simpson.

“The whole thing is such a shame, because both times the pilot tested through the roof,” said “Frogmen” creator Carol Mendelsohn. “NBC was going to let us recast the lead and reshoot the pilot, but for some reason we have been unable to find a single actor to take the role.”

Many in Hollywood had predicted Jace, who gained fame playing Office Julian Lowe, a closeted member of the LAPD in the hit series, “The Shield,” would be a television breakout star next season with the first leading television role of his career playing the lead, John “Bullfrog” Burke. In the reboot, which used the exact same script as the 1994 pilot, minus the use of the knives, Burke and crack team of ex-Navy SEALs take on the dangerous assignments no one else can handle, while working out of a bait shop in Malibu.

“Actors are also complaining about the lack of quality roles out there,” Mendelsohn told Hollywood & Swine. “And then when they finally get one like the complicated John ‘Bullfrog’ Burke, this is how they act.”