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NBC’s Brian Williams Uncovers Fourth Emanuel Brother Working at Wal-Mart

Already facing the wrath of William Morris Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel after having the audacity to question him during his appearance with his two brothers, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel on “Rock Center” last week, NBC’s Brian Williams is in more hot water with the super agent following his discovery of Moishe Emanuel, the 40-year-old fourth brother, who now works as a greeter at a Kansas City Wal-Mart.

According to Williams, he learned of the underachieving brother’s existence when Moishe called the “Rock Center” host to complain about being left out of Ezekiel’s new book “Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family.”

Brian Williams

Brian Williams interviews Moishe Emanuel, the fourth brother of Ari, Rahm and Ezekial, who discusses his life as the underachieving Emanuel brother.

“Moishe was furious there wasn’t a single mention of him in his brother’s book, although there are forty-six mentions of Jeremy Piven and his portrayal of Ari on ‘Entourage,’ ” Williams told Hollywood & Swine.  “Moishe hasn’t been this hurt since he was a child and Ari, Rahm, and Ezekiel used to lock him out of their treehouse while they made plans for world domination.”

During his upcoming interview with Williams on this week’s “Rock Center,” Moishe explains that his problems with his family began in 2002, when Ari tried to help his younger brother out by giving him a job in the Endeavor mailroom after dropping out of community college.  Unfortunately, Ari was forced to fire Moishe for repeatedly opening everyone’s mail.  The wedge between the two brothers grew wider in 2006, when Moishe refused to follow Ari’s boycott of movie star Mel Gibson following the actor’s anti-Semitic comments, because Moishe feared the boycott could hurt chances for any future “Lethal Weapon” sequels to be made.

Moishe’s most recent falling-out with his family came on the heels of brother and recently elected Mayor of Chicago Rahm hiring him to run a taskforce to help reduce the city’s alarming homicide rate.  Under Moishe’s watch, the homicide rate in Chicago skyrocketed 16 percent to 503 murders in 2012, causing Rahm to fire his brother and never speak to him again.

“Life would be much easier if I was born a Baldwin brother, because only one of them is an overachiever,” said Moishe Emanuel.   “I may never be more successful than Rahm and Ari, but at least I’m more likeable.”

  • Don Reed

    Leave a comment and You’ll Never Work In This Town Again.

    I loved the Emanuel family’s breezy assumption that everyone in the American media is in it for the bribes, the softball question-interviews, the unlimited access – as long as you play the game.

    And who can blame them for being angry?

    Can anyone remember when this has ever happened before, to any of them, previous to Williams reinventing his backbone?

    What an effrontery to the human rights of man!


    Somewhere, in that same Kansas City Walmart, lurks another greeter.

    Mike Ovitz. Comeback, somewhat stalled.