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New Line Cinema to Release Hulk Hogan Sex Tape on Blu-Ray Edition of ‘Suburban Commando’

New Line Cinema has announced plans to release the recently discovered Hulk Hogan sex tape as an added bonus on the upcoming Blu-ray edition of the studio’s 1991 comedy, “Suburban Commando,” that starred Hogan and Christopher Lloyd. The studio is hoping the public’s interest in the Hogan sex tape, which surfaced earlier this month, will help New Line make back the millions it lost two decades ago when it released several horrible Hulk Hogan comedies including “Suburban Commando” and 1993’s “Mr. Nanny.”

“New Line always knew America would be interested in seeing a movie starring Hulk Hogan,” a New Line spokesperson told Hollywood & Swine.  “We just assumed it would be in a broad comedy like ‘Mr. Nanny,” not one where he was having sex with his best friend’s wife.”

According to sources at New Line, after executives saw footage of the sex tape, which shows Hogan being intimate with the wife of his best friend and radio shock jock, Bubba the Love Sponge, they immediately called Hogan to ask him if he would be let them use the tape to promote a Blu-ray release of one of his dreadful ’90s comedies.

“Originally I felt the sex tape going public was the most embarrassing thing to happen to my family since my daughter Brooke’s singing career,” Hogan said.  “But then after watching the tape again, I realized it was my best film performance since ‘Rocky III.’ ”

Unfortunately, New Line soon realized they had thrown out every original print of their Hulk Hogan films years ago, thinking they were so terrible the studio had no reason to believe anyone would want to see them again, let alone on Blu-Ray.

After eventually tracking down a print of “Suburban Commando,” New Line announced their plans for the Blu-Ray version with the sex tape special feature, in addition to cast commentary in which Christopher Lloyd spends 90 minutes apologizing for starring in such a horrible comedy.

In related news, Bubba the Love Sponge criticized Hogan after the wrestler refused to let him watch his “Homeland” season one DVD collection, even though Bubba gave him permission to borrow his wife.