"Magic Mike"

Ohio Man Has First Homosexual Thought of His Life While Watching ‘Magic Mike’

A married Ohio man and father of three had the first homosexual thought of his entire life Saturday night while watching “Magic Mike,” the male stripper movie starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

48-year-old Dave Campbell, who accompanied his wife to see “Magic Mike,” admitted it was sometime during the film’s second act when he began to fantasize about getting a lap dance from McConaughey.

"Magic Mike"

After seeing “Magic Mike” for the fifth time, Dave Campbell immediately bought official merchandise from the movie, including the limited edition t-shirt.

“I’ve seen every one of Matthew McConaughey’s movies, and I’ve never gotten any sort of emotional reaction from one of his performances until now,” said Campbell.  “Now I can’t get him out my mind.”

Ironically, Campbell only agreed to see “Magic Mike” with his wife in hopes it would help put her in the mood in the bedroom when they got home — the same way her recent reading of the hit book “50 Shades of Grey,” did.

Campbell’s wife, Melissa, immediately noticed the change in her husband’s behavior on the drive home from the theater.  “He kept remarking how flexible Channing Tatum is and wondering whether or not if he is double-jointed,” Melissa told Hollywood & Swine.

Later that night, Campbell was unable to perform sexually with his wife, due to the confused thoughts still running through his mind from “Magic Mike.”

But after going on the “Magic Mike” IMDB message boards after his wife was asleep, Campbell learned he wasn’t alone.  He discovered there were thousands of married men across the country just like him, who had similar experiences after being dragged by their wives to see “Magic Mike.”

“I’m just glad ‘Magic Mike’ wasn’t in 3D,” said Campbell.  “It probably would have made me leave my wife.”