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Oscar Winner For Best Documentary Announces Next Film to Be ‘Searching For Dana Carvey’

Malik Bendjelloui, the filmmaker behind this year’s Oscar winning documentary, “Searching for Sugar Man,” has revealed his follow-up project will focus on his quest to find out whatever happened to former “Saturday Night Live” and “Wayne’s World” star, Dana Carvey, who mysteriously vanished from show business a decade ago.

“I thought I had found Carvey after I got a tip that a former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star was working construction in Detroit,” Bendjelloui told Hollywood & Swine.  “Unfortunately it turned out to be Joe Piscopo.”

Dana Carvey

Oscar-winning filmmaker Malik Bendjelloui holds a picture of comedian Dana Carvey, who is the subject of his next documentary, “Searching For Dana Carvey.”

Bendjelloui chose Carvey as the topic of his documentary after he discovered that the comedian was an even bigger sensation in South Africa than his “Searching for Sugar Man,” star Rodriguez.  Carvey’s popularity is credited to the fact the only American film allowed to be shown in South Africa during the last few years of Apartheid, was Carvey’s 1990 comedy, “Opportunity Knocks.”  The government believed the comedy was so bad, with a Rotten Rating of 13% on Rotten Tomatoes, that it would help oppress its citizens.

Bendjelloui admits his search for Carvey won’t be easy, considering he’s spent the last three months searching for a VHS or DVD copy of the actor’s 1994 comedies “Clean Slate” and “Trapped in Paradise,” only to come up empty-handed.

According to Bendjelloui, he had originally planned to make another documentary, “Searching For Richard Grieco,” until the project was scrapped after the former ’80s heartthrob was found living in a storage unit on an episode of A&E’s “Storage Wars”  (Hollywood & Swine, June 14, 2012).

“Hopefully ‘Searching for Dana Carvey’ will answer some major questions,” Bendjelloui said.  “Like where did Dana go?  And how the hell did David Spade and Rob Schneider manage to have better careers?  I just hope I can find Dana before the casting director of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ does.”

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    bwahaha! wuvin it

  • shempus

    bwahaha! wuvin it

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    Bendjelloui’s next film after his Dana Carney project will be finding Rick Moranis.