Paralyzed Woman Regains Use of Her Legs After 25 years in a Wheelchair; Walks Out of ‘Battleship’

A 54-year-old Phoenix woman, who has been paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for the last 25 years, suddenly regained the use of her legs and walked out of Universal’s boxoffice flop “Battleship.”

Upon hearing the news of Richards’ miraculous recovery, faith healer Benny Hinn, well-known for his “Miracle Crusades” throughout the world, immediately announced he was abandoning prayer in favor of screening “Battleship” for his millions of disciples who can no longer walk.


After a paralyzed woman regained the use of her legs and walked out of "Battleship," infirmed disciples of evangelist Benny Hinn watch the movie during a "Miracle Crusade" in Kansas City, hoping for the same results.

Marlene Richards, who was paralyzed after a car crash 25 years ago, went to see director Peter Berg’s $200 million naval recruitment film, also known as “Battleship,” after confusing it with what she thought was the latest installment of Michael Bay’s “Transformers” franchise.

“I kept waiting for Shia LeBeouf and Bumblebee, but the only thing I saw was the guy from ‘John Carter,’ ” Richards told Hollywood & Swine.  “That’s when I knew something was wrong.”

Richards tried to leave the theater, but her motorized wheelchair malfunctioned, leaving her stranded and forced to watch singer-turned-actress Rihanna attempt to act.  That’s when she felt sensation in her legs for first time in over two decades. Moments later, she stood and walked out of the theater.

“It truly was a miracle,” Richards said. “Otherwise I would’ve had to sit through another hour of that movie.”