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Paterno’s Last Words: “Don’t Let Al Pacino Play Me in HBO Biopic”

A source close to the family of the late Joe Paterno has revealed that the legendary Penn State football coach’s last words were, “Please don’t let Al Pacino play me in the HBO biopic.”

Ironically, Paterno, who died January 22, was a longtime fan of the actor, especially for his role as football coach Tony D’Amato in Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday.”  But that all changed after Paterno watched Pacino’s performance in the Adam Sandler comedy, “Jack and Jill,” one of the worst reviewed movies of the year.

“Joe was horrified by what he witnessed on the screen and wondered if Pacino had even bothered to read the script before agreeing to appear in the movie,” the source told Hollywood & Swine.  “He immediately went to Penn State’s Athletic Director and ordered him to declare ‘Jack and Jill’ off-limits to all members of the Penn State football team, the cheerleaders and the marching band.”

The November release of “Jack and Jill” would add to what would be the worst month in Paterno’s life, in which news of the Penn State child abuse scandal broke nationwide, leading eventually to his firing.

  • Erupp Osaurus