People dressed as movie characters pose

Pete Holmes Returns to Job As John Ritter Impersonator on Hollywood Boulevard After TBS Cancels Show

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Following the cancellation this week of his late night show, “The Pete Holmes Show,” on TBS, comedian Pete Holmes has returned to his previous job as a John Ritter impersonator on Hollywood Boulevard. According to Holmes, he considers his short-lived late night experience a major success if it helped even one television viewer forget that his dreadful predecessor “Lopez Tonight” ever existed.

People dressed as movie characters pose

“Although I would have loved to do a second season, I understand TBS needed to make room in its lineup to air more episodes of ‘Sullivan & Son,’” Holmes told Hollywood & Swine. “I’d really like to thank Conan O’Brien for giving me a chance to host a late night show that exposed me to millions of people. Now I can charge tourists an extra five bucks to get their picture taken with John Ritter.”

Holmes striking resemblance to the late “Three’s Company” and “Problem Child” star made him one the most successful celebrity impersonators outside Hollywood’s TLC Chinese Theater, with his daily earnings from tourists’ tips ranking only behind homeless Thor, African-American Marilyn Monroe, and obese Elvis. It was outside the theater where Conan O’Brien saw Holmes do the classic Jack Tripper falling over a couch routine, and immediately knew he needed his own late night talk show.

“We’re so glad to have Pete Holmes back with us on Hollywood Boulevard,” said Barry Hackett, an 87 year-old Don Knotts impersonator. “Without Pete pretending to be John Ritter, the transvestite Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt impersonators don’t work nearly as well.”