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Hollywood & Swine Skewers Hollywood
More than a few movie moguls and mega-stars have slammed into the intersection of Hollywood & Swine – the home of more EXCLUSIVES than any entertainment news site in history – particularly at Oscar time.
Forbes - 02/23/14
Site's satirical take on Hollywood pushes boundaries – and earns raves
Anonymous screenwriters behind Hollywood & Swine say it's all in good fun, and much of Los Angeles is laughing with them
The Guardian - 10/02/12
Hollywood & Swine pokes fun at its writers' industry
Hollywood & Swine, a satirical news website about the film industry, is the product of two screenwriters. It's writing they prefer to do uncredited.
Los Angeles Times - 09/09/12
The Filtered Excellence
It’s entertainment news as if it was brought to you by the Onion. Where else but this very funny site would you find articles like “Disney Desperate to Save Sci-fi Epic: Renames it “Tyler Perry’s John Carter” and “New Federal Law Will Make it Legal to Punch Assholes Who take Too Long Picking a Movie at Redbox.”
The Interrobang - 04/13/12
Humor Site Takes Aim at Hollywood
No one is safe in Tinseltown, thanks to hollywoodandswine.com, an Onion-esque website that pokes fun at the people and projects making entertainment news.
Entertainment Weekly - 04/06/12
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