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Producers of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Sign Licensing Agreement With Long Beach Meth Dealer

Following the popular trend of successful TV shows striking licensing deals, such as the recent agreement between “Sons of Anarchy” and Harley Davidson, the producers of AMC’s hit drama “Breaking Bad” announced they have reached a licensing deal with Earl Hawkins, a meth dealer from Long Beach, CA.

Under terms of the pact, Hawkins will re-package his home-brewed crystal meth as “Blue Sky,” named after the extremely potent crystal methamphetamine created by chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston on “Breaking Bad.”

"Breaking Bad"

Long Beach meth dealer Earl Hawkins has signed a lucrative licensing agreement with the producers of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

“Our research told us the meth created by Earl Hawkins isn’t nearly as good as the kind made by Walter on the show,” “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan told Hollywood & Swine.  ”But at least the quality is better than those cheap ‘Glee’ karaoke machines they sell at Wal-Mart.”

Before approaching the producers of “Breaking Bad,” Hawkins says he first went to actor Charlie Sheen, hoping the superstar would let him use his likeness on his crystal meth, but Sheen’s agents demanded too high of a royalty.

Hawkins plans on selling his new “Blue Sky” meth as soon as the new packaging arrives and he couldn’t be more excited.

“My meth is like the show ‘Breaking Bad,’ ” Hawkins told Hollywood & Swine.  ”The first time you experience it, you’ll be immediately hooked.”

Hawkins revealed his long term plan is to make enough money selling “Blue Sky” in order to open a chain of chicken restaurants called “Los Pollos Hermanos,” which will also be licensed through the producers of “Breaking Bad.”

According to the licensing agreement, Hawkins cannot sell any meth to customers who subscribe to Dish Network, due to the ongoing legal stand-off between Dish Network and AMC.

  • Cdavistheson

    You do know this is a joke right?

  • Anonnamus

    This guy’s product is subpar. Breaking Bad should distance itself from this guy. I didn’t even lose weight. Maybe I will sue Vince Gilligan.

  • live free or die

    Hoping my order is processed ASAP!!!!!

  • C.C. Chinaman

    ha ha ha wyu amaricans soo stoopiid

  • Jackdz


  • Michibe


  • Gibscreen

    I only use blue sky when my kid needs a little bump for an all night study session. The government needs to stay out of my life. How I raise my kids is my responsibility.

  • Terrolyn Stubblefield

    And if they do, iam starting a whore house on the white house lawn. I know i will get paid in full, all those trick a$$ politicians.

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