Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon Offers Her Acting Services Through Groupon in Attempt to Revive Her Career

After a string of recent boxoffice flops and critical disappointments, Reese Witherspoon is attempting to breath new life into her once stellar career by offering her acting services at a discounted rate through Groupon, the deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates.  For $2 million, Witherspoon promises to star in any film role — a whopping 84% discount from the estimated $12.5 million she received for her most recent disaster, “This Means War.”

Reese Witherspoon

The Reese Witherspoon Groupon offer that went on sale this morning.

According to Witherspoon, she got the Groupon idea after she spoke with a fan who owns a Pizza Hut franchise in her hometown, New Orleans.  The fan explained to the actress how well his $5 extra-large pizza Groupon promotion did, helping him turn around his struggling business.

“The movies I get offered through Groupon certainly can’t be any worse than the ones I’ve done recently,” Witherspoon told Hollywood & Swine. “And if I do enough movies, I might get lucky and make a good one.”

While Hollywood insiders applaud Witherspoon for her outside the box approach to resurrecting her career, they aren’t sure whether or not anyone who watched “This Means War,” will actually purchase the groupon.

And according to a Groupon spokesperson, the Witherspoon offer is not generating the kind of interest or sales the company was expecting.

“So far, the number of people snapping up her offer falls somewhere between the discounted circumcisions from last month and the colonic sessions we offered yesterday,” the spokesperson said.

Upon hearing the news of the Witherspoon Groupon offer, former husband Ryan Phillippe immediately called his attorney asking how this will impact the monthly alimony he receives from his more successful ex-wife.