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Revolutionary New Screenwriting Software Able to Write Screenplay on Its Own

In what the Writers Guild of America is calling the worst thing to happen to its members since Starbucks banned screenwriters from all of its locations wordlwide (Hollywood & Swine, March 5, 2012), the soon-to-be released latest version of the revolutionary screenwriting software, Easy Script, will produce a full-length screenplay without the need of a writer.  Many in Hollywood believe Easy Script 2.0 will be the final nail in the coffin of the screenwriting profession, which is why dozens of studio executives and producers have already sent their assistants to wait in line until Easy Script 2.0 goes on sale Friday at Midnight.

screenwriting software 4

“Unlike Easy Script 1.0 which could only rewrite a screenplay enough to receive co-writing credit and save the studio money on screenwriters’ production bonuses, Easy Script 2.0 can write a completely original screenplay,” Easy Script CEO Miles Evans told Hollywood & Swine.  “We’ve also included an Amy Pascal template that eliminates all gay jokes and stereotypes.”

Easy Script 1.0 was launched back in 2000 and over the next decade was a vital resource in the development of many of Hollywood biggest blockbusters.  The software hasn’t been without its fair share of critics, including “Spiderman” director, Sam Raimi.

“When I was making my ‘Spiderman’ trilogy, Sony opted for our screenwriters to use Easy Script over the industry standard Final Draft to save time,” Raimi said.  “Unfortunately Easy Script made the third act of each film exactly the same, with the villain kidnapping Kirsten Dunst and Spiderman having to rescue her.”

But several technology pundits are advising consumers to wait until Easy Script 3.0 is released next year, when many of the flaws plaguing Easy Script 2.0 are fixed.  According to one tech analyst, one of the biggest flaws of Easy Script 2.0 is the software’s inability to tell the difference between a good or idiotic script note from a studio executive or producer.  Other notable flaws include, the fact that Easy Script 2.0 has a tendency to look at pornography on the Internet when it is supposed to be writing, turning in its drafts weeks late, in addition to constantly wanting to direct.

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