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Ronan Farrow Admits to Sabotaging Golden Globes Water Pipe in Attempt to Ruin Woody Allen’s Night

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Ronan Farrow, the son of filmmaker Woody Allen, has admitted to sabotaging the water pipe which destroyed much of the red carpet on Sunday’s Golden Globes, in a desperate attempt to upstage his father being honored with the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award.  According to Farrow, his plan to explode the pipe which would spray his father, was ruined when he learned the Oscar-winning filmmaker refused to appear to receive his award.

woody allen

“If I really wanted to ruin my father’s night, I should have forced him to sit through Jacqueline Bisset’s Golden Globe acceptance speech,” Farrow told Hollywood & Swine.  “Unfortunately, my father refused to show up tonight, just as audiences refused to show up for ‘To Rome with Love,’ ‘You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,’ ‘Whatever Works,’ and ‘Cassandra’s Dream.’”

Farrow thought his demented plan to get revenge on his father had worked when the water pipe exploded and sprayed Allen’s Cecil B. DeMille recipient Diane Keaton’s gown.  Unfortunately for Farrow, Keaton always carries an extra tuxedo with her in case of such instances and immediately changed into it, which allowed her to accept the award on Allen’s behalf.

  • Gina007

    Someone needs to tell him he is not Woody’s son to begin with. He looks exactly like Frank Sinatra..

  • synth

    Ronan is one creepy looking guy. He looks like a Replicant.