bryan zuriff

Russian Mob Announces Plans To Cancel ‘Ray Donovan’ Executive Producer Bryan Zuriff

Less than two weeks after Showtime announced plans to renew their hit drama series ‘Ray Donovan’ for a second season, the Russian mafia revealed today that they have decided to order the permanent cancellation of the show’s executive producer Bryan Zuriff, to ensure that he doesn’t testify against them in federal court.

Zuriff, who pleaded guilty earlier this week to charges of running an illegal gambling ring with ties to the Russia mob, admitted he is not only saddened by his criminal associates ordering his cancellation, but also by the fact he had to learn of their decision online.

bryan zuriff

“After all the millions I made for them, I deserved at least a phone call personally telling me they’re cancelling me,” Zuriff told Hollywood & Swine.  “Hopefully, unlike ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’ I can avoid being cancelled, which is why my attorneys have decided to shop me to Witness Protection instead of the USA network.”

Although, the Russian mob, admitted they were happy with Zuriff’s performance over the past few years, they felt that ordering his cancellation is necessary to help their criminal network move in the right direction, which doesn’t avoiding going to federal prison because Zuriff testified against them.  The Russian mob also revealed plans to replace Zuriff with a more youthful and sexier bookie whom they are confident will appear to a much younger demographic of gamblers.