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Ryan Gosling’s Break from Acting Motivates Man to Quit Job at McDonald’s

Ryan Gosling’s recent announcement that he’s taking a much needed break from acting has inspired 34-year-old Kyle Hernandez to take a break from his job working the cash register at a McDonald’s in Phoenix, Arizona.  According to Hernandez, he didn’t realize how disillusioned and unhappy he was working his 40-hour-a-week minimum wage job until he read in a recent interview how unhappy Ryan Gosling was at his million-dollar movie star job.

Ryan Gosling

After announcing he was taking a break from acting, Ryan Gosling pays a visit to Kyle Hernandez, whom he inspired to quit his job as a McDonald’s cashier.

“If Ryan Gosling can’t find happiness getting paid to kiss Emma Stone onscreen, what chance do I have selling Big Macs,” Hernandez told Hollywood & Swine.  “I’ll put my performance at McDonald’s up against Ryan Gosling’s performance in ‘Gangster Squad’ any day of the week.  So if anyone feels they like they’re working too much and needs to reassess what they’re doing for a living, it’s me.”

This isn’t the first time Gosling has impacted Hernandez’s job at McDonald’s.  Last year, Hernandez was suspended by his manager at McDonald’s, after customers complained he was brooding too much and acting more quirky than necessary, like his idol, Gosling.

Employers nationwide have pleaded with disillusioned movie stars to keep their self-proclaimed retirement to themselves instead of going public with their angst and making minimum-wage employees feel even worse.  In 2008, Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix declared he was retiring and growing a beard like a homeless man.  Following Phoenix’s announcement, over 2,500 minimum-wage workers nationwide did the same.  Unfortunately, Phoenix returned to acting with the 2012 film “The Master,” but the 2,500 workers still remain unemployed and actually homeless.

“This is getting out of hand, something needs to be done,” Screen Actors Guild President Ken Howard said.  “How many leading men do we have to briefly lose from the big screen until lawmakers finally step in and make stricter laws to protect movie stars from getting disillusioned?”

In related news, “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” star Hayden Christensen has finally set the record straight that he hadn’t retired from acting like most of America assumed, he just hasn’t gotten any acting offers in recent years.

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