Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Receive Acting Lessons as Wedding Present

After receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in wedding presents from friends following Sunday’s secret nuptials, just-married Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively admitted the gift they were most excited about was the $1000 gift certificate they received for acting lessons for the two of them.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds displays the gift certificate for acting lessons he and new bride Blake Lively received as a wedding present from Oliver Stone.

“One of the things Blake and I discovered we had in common when we met making ‘Green Lantern,’ was the fact neither of us had ever taken an acting lesson,” Reynolds told Hollywood & Swine.  “After seeing that film, we both decided we should take one.  This is really the perfect present.”

The idea to give the gift certificate, which entitles the couple to five lessons each from Studio C Artists Acting Institute in Hollywood, was the brainchild of Oliver Stone, who convinced several others who had seen the couple’s movies, to chip in for the gift.

“I only wished Blake got married a year ago, so she could have taken an acting lesson before she ruined my movie ‘Savages,’ ” said Stone, who was unable to attend the wedding do to his incarceration in Director Jail after being sentenced for “Savages.”

According to sources close to Reynolds, this isn’t the first time he received acting lessons as a wedding present.  At his 2008 wedding to Scarlett Johansson, the groom was given a free year’s tuition to the Actor’s Studio, while Johansson was given singing lessons to help her with her aspiring music career.  The couple ended up exchanging both for a Bowflex home gym, which they could use together.

Wedding guests told Hollywood & Swine that Reynolds and Lively anticipated receiving the lessons as a present, because when they opened their gift certificate and tried to act surprised, they were even more unconvincing than their performances in “Green Lantern.”

  • TheMysteryGirl

    So that explains their acting xD
    They really need those lessons, but everyone knows that in a few months they’ll be using that money for a new house and they’ll continue ruining good movies with their horrible acting.

  • Hands

    Ryan Reynolds is actually a good actor. Lively not so much, but you’re full of shit if you think Reynolds is wooden or bad.