screenwriter sets record

Screenwriter Sets Record After Waiting Over Six Hours For General Meeting With Creative Executive

One of Hollywood’s longest-running records was broken yesterday when screenwriter Elliot Keene waited for over six hours and forty-five minutes for his general meeting with a recently appointed creative executive at Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. The new record smashed by over two hours the previous one, which acclaimed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo set in 1955 during the height of the Blacklist, when he waited four hours and forty-two minutes for a general meeting.

screenwriter sets record

“When I left home yesterday, I had no intention of making Hollywood history,” Keene told Hollywood & Swine.  “I just wanted to pitch my broad comedy.  I’m not going to lie.  I was annoyed by the wait, but I quickly got over when the creative executive told me how much he loved my writing sample.”

According to Kevin Gleeson, the recently appointed creative executive at Happy Madison, he had a perfectly good explanation for why we was forced to put his scheduled 2:00 p.m. general meeting with Winters all the way to 8:45 p.m.

“I was dealing with a serious health crisis,” Gleeson said.  “My starting fantasy football running back, Reggie Bush, hurt his knee Sunday, so I spent over four hours on the phone with friends in my league seeing who would make me a trade.  I was hoping that the screenwriter would take the hint and just leave, but he just kept waiting and asking for more free bottles of water.”

Keene’s record-setting general meeting lasted only 12 minutes, consisting of three minutes of small talk, five minutes of pitching, and four minutes of the creative executive telling Keene why his movie idea doesn’t work and how bad the state of the movie industry is.

“Although the creative executive passed on my idea, he told me his idea for an Adam Sandler film and that he was looking for a screenwriter to help him develop it for free,” Keene said.  “I’m living proof that best things in life comes to those who wait.”

  • D.M

    I hope you didn’t take the job – where you are developing this guys script for free!

  • Toomuchfun

    HAHAHHAHAA…so funny….

  • Fass5RingBinder

    The guy’s the creative director for Happy Madison and he has an idea for an Adam Sandler script?? The writer’d be an idiot to not at least throw a few treatments at the guy for free. He can protect himself if the project takes off, and negotiate for credit/payment. Hollywood isn’t completely full of scum – some people are there to do business. The exec could just be checking him out for future projects.

    • Marta

      mmm… you know it’s satire, right?

      • Fass5RingBinder

        Heh heh, guess I just dove right in.