Arnold Schwarzenegger Card

Season’s Greetings: Hollywood & Swine’s Favorite Celebrity Holiday Cards of 2012

As most of you may know, Hollywood & Swine was launched earlier this year and we’re proud to say that everyone here is thrilled to be celebrating our first Holiday season together.  We’re also excited to report that we’re high enough on some celebrities’ radars to have warranted receiving Holiday cards from them.  With that in mind, here are our favorites so far that have arrived in the mailbox of Hollywood & Swine:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Card

After discovering his wife Maria and the kids shot the photo for this year’s Schwarzenegger family Christmas card without him, former governor Arnold decided to spend the holidays with his former housekeeper and the son they share together. Arnold even found the perfect gift for Maria — a vasectomy for himself, to prevent fathering any more out-of-wedlock children.  Schwarzenegger also asked Santa Claus for a new vacuum after he broke his Dyson vacuum, which he carried on a sexual affair with for years (Hollywood & Swine, September 30, 2012), as revealed in his recent autobiography.

Halle Berry Card

Faced with the challenge of how to top a legendary Thanksgiving where your fiance and ex-boyfriend got into a violent fight on the front lawn (Hollywood & Swine, November 27, 2012), Halle Berry announced last week that the rematch between Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry will take place in her living room on Christmas Day.  Keeping up with the holiday spirit, Berry gave Aubry, who is also the father of her daughter, an early Christmas present — self-defense lessons so he might not look so horrible after the next fight.

After being discovered living in his storage unit on an episode of A&E’s “Storage Wars” (Hollywood & Swine, June 14, 2012), Richard Grieco received an outpouring of support by fans who wanted the former 80s heart-throb to know they still cared.  His former “21 Jump Street” co-star Johnny Depp offered to pay the rent on his storage unit for the entire 2013 so Grieco could move back.  Even though Grieco would have preferred a role in Depp’s next film instead, he was still grateful for the movie star’s generosity.

“I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,” Grieco told Hollywood & Swine.  “And when you’re putting your holiday decorations back in storage next month, drop on by, because I’d love the company.”

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