‘SNL’ Viewers Wonder How Bad the Sketches Were That Didn’t Make It On the Air

Following last weekend’s humorless episode of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Justin Bieber, thousands of Americans who tuned in were left asking the question that’s haunted them for months: if the sketches on air were the best ones the writers came up with, how unfunny were the ones unable to make the cut?  Viewers at home were also shocked to hear the sounds of footsteps heading for the exits, instead of the usual laughter from the live audience.


Following last weekend’s humorless episode of “SNL,” cast member Jason Sudeikis was seen sneaking backstage where he called his agent begging to get off the show.

“I never appreciated how entertaining the Superbowl blackout was, until I saw ‘Saturday Night Live’ do a Super Bowl blackout sketch,” one viewer told Hollywood & Swine.  “Either Lorne Michaels is over the hill and doesn’t understand comedy anymore, or that sketch about Justin Bieber having a group of body doubles that don’t look anything like him went way over my head.”

NBC confirmed that not only were the sketches on this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” the best ones pitched in the writers room, but they confirmed they were also the only ones pitched since the network was forced to lay off all except the three lowest paid writers this week to make up for the financial disaster of the network’s drama, “Do No Harm.”

“We believed that audiences were hungry for a modern-day version of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,’ ” said an NBC spokesperson, referring to show that was cancelled after two episodes.  “When we were forced to cancel ‘Do No Harm,’ which set record low ratings and cost the network millions, we realized NBC was wrong as usual.”

The most amusing part of the Saturday’s episode was when “SNL” cameras accidentally caught cast member Jason Sudeikis backstage on the phone with his agent demanding to get off the show like Kristen Weig and Andy Sandberg did at the end of last season.

  • Michael

    Super Bowl is two words!

  • James

    When they don’t have clean pretty republican women to pick on, their brain dead audience can’t take it. Cancel the show, it out lived itself.