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Sons of Larry Hagman and Jack Klugman Arrested After Vandalizing Grave of Cory Monteith

A week after expressing outrage at this year’s Emmy broadcast, where deceased “Glee” star Cory Monteith was singled out for a special tribute instead of their more accomplished fathers, Adam Klugman, son of “Odd Couple” and “Quincy M.D.” star Jack Klugman; and Preston Hagman, son of “I Dream of Jeanie” and “Dallas” star Larry Hagman, were caught vandalizing Monteith’s gravesite last night in Vancouver.

In addition to defacing the grave, the sons of Klugman and Hagman were also charged with leaving headshots of their famous fathers at the scene, in addition to DVD box sets of “The Odd Couple” and “Dallas.”

jack klugman 2

Canadian law enforcement officials also issued an all-points bulletin for Dennis Farina Jr., the son of recently deceased “Law & Order” star Dennis Farina, who authorities believe was driving the getaway car for Klugman and Hagman, but managed to escape.

According to Klugman, he and Hagman planned to dig up Monteith’s grave and steal his remains, just like the former teen idol stole their fathers’ much deserved Emmy tributes.

“If Cory was alive he would outraged, mainly because like most people his age, he had never heard of Larry Hagman or Jack Klugman,” Lea Michelle, Monteith’s former girlfriend and “Glee” costar, told Hollywood & Swine.  “I’m just glad they were caught before they made it to Gary David Goldberg’s gravesite.”

In a statement given to Vancouver police, Adam Klugman explained how his father and Larry Hagman, defied medical odds last year, living past last September’s Emmy’s, because both legendary actors believed they had a better chance being honored at next year’s Emmy’s, after 2012’s impressive roster of television deaths that included: Andy Griffith, Sherman Hemsley, Ernest Borgnine, Dick Clark, Chad Everett, “Webster” star Alex Karras, “Gormer Pyle” star George Lindsey and “Welcome Back Kotter” star Ron Palillo.  Before dying later in the year, which made them eligible to be honored at this year’s Emmy’s, Hagman and Klugman made their sons promise that if the Emmy’s began giving out individual tributes, that they each would get one, a promise that was never fulfilled.

  • VivaLaDiva1

    wow leah Michele…people of this generation not having heard of Larry Hagman or Jack Klugman? actually, I was watching dallas with my parent’s at 5 years old…and yes I also knew who Jack Klugman was. Anyone with any respect for great actors and actresses, and their profession, would know these people. You are a disrespectful c u next tuesday.

    • Gunny

      Are you still 5? You actually believe this to be true. It’s a very clever joke.

    • moreover

      I actually never heard of Klugman and Hagman either!!! that being said…. I think this article is fake too!!!!

    • GutsToSayAnything

      I’m sure you’ve realized by now that this is a satirical website and is not to be taken seriously. 🙂

    • cjhall

      Oh, honey.

  • Travis McGee

    Probably on drugs, but they do have a point. Should not have expressed it this way though.

    • Tweety58

      Do you sharpen that point on your head with a file or a knife ?

      • Travis McGee

        What? I get it, it’s fake…but there is still some ironic truth there….I assume that is why H&S spoofed it.

  • Pamela Webb

    Cory was cremated and all of this article is a hoax.

    • Tweety58

      Ya think ??????????

    • Micah 李 文 Jung

      what did they do with the cremains

  • bartthegenius

    Its amazing to me how many people can read these stories and not get that this is satire.

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  • TruthHurtsDeal

    “According to Klugman, he and Hagman planned to dig up Monteith’s grave and steal his remains, just like the former teen idol stole their fathers’ much deserved Emmy tributes.” – LMAO!

  • audishere

    Satire? How about just dumb?!