Stephenie Meyer Blames Failure of ‘The Host’ On Open Road Films Not Marketing It As a Comedy

Best-selling author Stephenie Meyer is blaming the boxoffice failure of the film adaptation of her novel “The Host,” on distributor Open Road Films’ failure to properly market the critically-panned film as a comedy.  According to Meyer, despite test audiences reporting they hadn’t laughed at a film like “The Host,” since last year’s blockbuster “Ted,” Open Road still tried to sell the film as the next “Twilight.”

Stephenie Meyer

“Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer seen seated (front row, left) at an early test screening of “The Host,” where it was discovered that the film was actually a comedy.“

“A lot of critics slammed ‘The Host’ because they thought it was unintentionally laughable and hilariously terrible,” Meyer told Hollywood & Swine.  “What they didn’t realize was we were purposely spoofing the other terrible movies based on my melodramatic novels.  In hindsight, we should have cast Marlon Wayans in the lead to make audiences aware we were trying to be funny.”

Meyer, who rose to fame nearly a decade ago after she sold her soul to the devil in exchange for her “Twilight” book series selling over 100 million copies and film adaptations grossing over $2.7 billion, released her debut comedy novel “The Host” in 2008.

Judd Apatow originally signed on to adapt the comedy about an alien race taking over humanity by implementing them with things called “Souls,” only to defeated by the power of first love.  Apatow and Meyer clashed over the film’s casting, when Meyer wanted fresh young actors, and Apatow demanded he be allowed to cast his wife and daughters instead.

After Apatow dropped out, Meyer turned to Andrew Niccol, who took the comedy world by storm after directing 2011’s “In Time,” featuring Justin Timberlake’s accidentally hilariously performance as a futuristic badass.  Niccol stayed true to Meyer’s novel by keeping the movie version of “The Host” intentionally awful and amusingly absurd.

  • Atnuk Etnik

    Bad writer writing badly tries to explain why her badly written trash translated badly to screen resulting in bad film based on bad material from bad writer.

  • lolo

    Lol. I don’t know what is more amusing, the unintentional so-called comedy in d film or the author unintentional discovery of d adaptation is kind of comedy which is not

  • Kim

    The fact that she is now trying to spin off this book/film as a comedy is disgraceful. The book was a lot less trashy than Twilight, yet it still was a love story of sorts. Meyer is just trying to save her already floundering reputation by making excuses about the failure of this movie.

  • JerseyShell

    Shame on her, talk about not standing behind your work! Twi- hard fans like me, read The Host because she wrote it. We have total recall when it comes to these books, and she first sold it as a Sci-fi, romance! Not a Comedy. She has always disrespected her fans, but this makes me want to puke. She should of wrote more Twilight books instead of this crap. Instead she short changed the fans that have made her filthy rich. I mean how cool would it be to read a book about Alice’s past leading up to meeting the Cullens? O- well, bottom line- own your work, be proud of it even if everybody hates it. This way @ the end of the day you still have your pride.

    • Charlotte

      You idiot, it’s a joke.