Steven Spielberg Reveals New Details About His Big-Budget Steven Spielberg Biopic

Director Steven Spielberg, whose eagerly anticipated “Lincoln” goes into wide release today, revealed new details about his next project, a big-budget biopic on legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg.  The acclaimed director announced his plans to make the Spielberg biopic earlier this year, admitting he had run out of cultural and historical icons to make movies about.


According to Spielberg, he had originally planned to direct a movie about the life of Moses, but decided to shelve it in favor of his Spielberg biopic, which he feels is far more compelling and epic.

Spielberg also announced he will be turning his Spielberg biopic into a trilogy, the decision coming on the heels of two films being released this year about director Alfred Hitchcock: HBO’s “The Girl,” and the upcoming “Hitchcock,” starring Anthony Hopkins.

“If Alfred Hitchcock deserves two films made about him, then I’ve certainly earned at least a trilogy,” Spielberg told Hollywood & Swine, who added he’s already been screen testing several well-known actors.  “Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Gosling are all vying for the coveted role of Steven Spielberg.”

Spielberg said he will also soon begin meeting with several A-List screenwriters, after the film’s original screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, dropped out in order to focus on his lifelong passion project, an Aaron Sorkin biopic.

In order to stay objective about his film’s protagonist, Spielberg announced he will now refer to himself only in the third person.

“The thing I find most fascinating about Steven Spielberg is his evolution not only as a filmmaker but as a man,” said Spielberg, who also addressed the inevitable comparisons of this biopic with his latest film, “Lincoln.”  “It’s completely unfair to compare Steven Spielberg with Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln only had to deal with a civil war.  Steven Spielberg had to make it through the troubled production of ‘Jaws.’”

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    hahaha this is hilarious. I do love spielberg though, don’t think he’s that full of himself, but still very funny!!

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    XD there are celebrities in this world that you just CAN’T get tired of, Tom Hanks being one of em, and Spielberg being another. This sounds quite funny and brilliant at the same time.