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Summit Entertainment Comes Under Fire After Hiring Jerry Sandusky to Promote ‘Sinister’

Summit Entertainment, the company behind the blockbuster “Twilight” films, is facing a public backlash after hiring convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky to promote their new horror film “Sinister” during his sentencing hearing yesterday.  Witnesses in the courtroom were outraged to see Sandusky enter wearing a prison jumpsuit emblazoned with the “Sinister” logo, as well as the film’s October 12th release date.

Jerry Sandusky

Moments before his sentencing, convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky is seen promoting Summit Entertainment’s “Sinister.”

During Sandusky’s statement to the court in which he claimed he was innocent of the charges and even begged the judge to sentence him to a juvenile facility, Sandusky found time to plug “Sinister,” stating that it was Ethan Hawke’s best performance since “Training Day.”

“We really had no choice,” said Summit head Rob Friedman, defending his studio’s aggressive marketing ploy.  ”Every time someone Googled the word ‘sinister,’ there would be no mention of our movie, only articles about Sandusky.”

According to Friedman, the studio’s marketing department has even worked Sandusky into the film’s new tagline, which will appear on all advertising:  ”If the movie ‘Sinister’ was any creepier, it would be doing 30-60 years behind bars.’ ”

Friedman also attributed his studio’s desperate marketing strategy to the fact they’re opening “Sinister” on one of the most competitive weekends in recent months, going up against new releases “Argo,” “Here Comes the Boom” and “Seven Psychopaths,” as well as current boxoffice champ “Taken 2.”

According to Summit insiders, the company paid Sandusky an estimated $50,000 to promote “Sinister.”  Sandusky told Hollywood & Swine he plans on using the endorsement money to bribe prison guards into protecting him from being raped during the next several decades.

As Sandusky was led out of the courtroom, he revealed to reporters that he is currently in the middle of an ongoing lawsuit with Sony Pictures over their new Kevin James comedy, “Here Comes the Boom,” saying that the title infringes on his trademarked catch phrase.

“Just read the transcripts from my trial,” said Sandusky.  “My victims swore under oath that I have been saying ‘Here Comes the Boom’ for years.  That’s what I was planning to name my autobiography.”


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    Not a great marketing idea

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