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Sylvester Stallone Challenges America to Dump Bucket Of Ice Water On Themselves Or See ‘Expendables 3’

In a desperate to attempt to capitalize on the trend sweeping through the country, Sylvester Stallone has challenged America to dump ice water on their heads or go see his latest film, “Expendables 3.” According to Stallone, he came up with the idea after learning that the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $15.6 million for ALS, almost matching the total that his boxoffice disappointment, “Expendables 3,” earned its opening weekend.

“I’m giving America two choices.” Stallone told Hollywood & Swine. “The first involves putting themselves through an excruciating experience and the second involves pouring freezing cold water on themselves. And just like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the money going toward ‘Expendables 3’ goes to a great cause, helping put food on the table of former movie stars from the ’90s.”

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral since it was started on July 29th with millions of Americans pouring cold water on themselves and then challenging friends to do the same through social media, including some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood participating.

“We’re so happy for the money raised and the awareness that the Ice Bucket Challenge has given to Lou Gerhig’s disease,” said a spokesperson for the ALS Association. “Our only regret is that if we knew Chris Brown and Justin Bieber would be participating, we would have changed it to scalding hot water.”

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