Beggar with blank cardboard sign

Television Producer Options Homeless Man’s Witty Sign

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

A West Hollywood homeless man was shocked today when a television producer got out of his Mercedes and handed him a $20 bill in exchange for the rights to option the witty sign he was holding as a potential television series.  The veteran producer Bruce Rowe, whose credits include “Franklin and Bash,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Weeds” knew he found something special in the making when he was stopped at a red light and saw the homeless man with a clever sign that read: “All I Want Is A Hooker and Case of Beer.”

“I thought to myself here is a guy with an original voice that would be perfect for cable or Netflix,” Rowe told Hollywood & Swine.  “When every other producer options the rights to every book or newspaper article, you’ve got to get creative.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to turn that sign into 100 episodes.”

The homeless man, who refused to give his name due to the various warrants out for his arrest, is ecstatic about this new career opportunity.

“Although I don’t have a television, all I ever hear from my homeless screenwriter friends is how the best writing is on television and not in the movies,” the homeless man said.  “Plus, I have dozens of other witty cardboard signs, which is why I’m taking meetings with all the major agencies, to find the right team to help me shop them to producers.”

  • cynosurer

    I thought that was done with the Aussie import/remake of RAKE.