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‘The Call’ Inspired By 911 Operator Who Answered Emergency Calls from Halle Berry’s Car Crash Victims

Halle Berry revealed today that her new hit thriller, “The Call,” which is about a 911 Operator who coincidentally answers the distress calls from the victims of the same serial killer, was inspired by the real-life 911 operator who coincidentally answered all of the distress calls from the victims of Berry’s numerous car crashes.

According to Judy Groff, the 35-year-old Los Angeles 911 operator, the origins for “The Call,” began in 1997 when she received a frantic call from a motorist who claimed that the actress from “Executive Decision” had crashed into his car.  Three years later, Groff received a similar call, this time from a woman claiming that the actress from “Bulworth” has smashed into her car and fled the scene.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry seen with 911 operator Judy Groff, who, after coincidentally receiving emergency calls from all of Berry’s car crash victims, was the inspiration for “The Call.”

“Everyone I told my story to thought it could be a good idea for a movie and a great role for that actress who kept crashing into people with her car,” Groff told Hollywood & Swine.  “Unfortunately Lindsay Lohan turned down the lead in ‘The Call,’ so the producers went with the actress with the next worst driving record and that was Halle Berry.”

Groff was hired by producers of “The Call,” as a technical adviser who helped Berry realistically portray a 911 operator in the film.  Groff and Berry became close friends during the shooting of “The Call,” but lost contact after the film wrapped.  Fortunately, the two friends reconnected on November 21, 2012 when Groff coincidentally answered the Oscar-winning actress’ 911 call she made to report that the father of her child Gabriel Aubry was fighting her fiancée actor Oliver Martinez on her front lawn.

“It was great to hear Halle’s voice again and to catch up on how her family was doing,” said Groff.  “Hopefully, since somehow ‘The Call,’ managed to do well at the boxoffice, we’ll get to work together on the sequel.”