"This Is 40"

To Appeal to Elderly Oscar Voters, Judd Apatow Changes Title of Latest Film to ‘This is 80’

In an effort to appeal to the overwhelming number of geriatric Academy Award voters, director Judd Apatow announced he has completed last-minute re-shoots of his formerly titled comedy “This is 40,” and that beginning next week, Universal Pictures will be sending out screeners to Academy members of the new version, now titled, “This is 80.”

According to Apatow, he and Universal made the decision to retool his film after reading a study conducted by AARP that determined that the average age of Academy members is eighty-six years old.

"This Is 40"

Two of the more youthful Academy members wheel in to a special screening of Judd Apatow’s “This is 80” at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

“The original version of my film wasn’t connecting with Academy voters because most of them don’t remember what it was like turning forty,” Apatow told Hollywood & Swine.  “We also made the decision to send Oscar screeners of ‘This is 80’ on VHS tapes, since the AARP study pointed out that most Academy members still haven’t figured out how to work their DVD players yet.”

Apatow also revealed he edited “This is 80” down to a comfortable running time of fifty-two minutes, which according to the AARP study, is the longest most Academy members can watch a film before falling asleep.  In addition, Universal will be hosting luncheons for Academy members for “This is 80” all next week that will feature early bird specials at participating Norm’s coffee shops throughout Hollywood.

But not every Academy voter is impressed by Universal and Apatow’s aggressive Oscar campaign for “This is 80.”

“For best picture, I’ll probably just vote for ‘Lincoln,’ like I did when he ran for president,” said an anonymous senior citizen Academy member.  “Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ve already watched ‘This is 80,’ but I thought it was called ‘Hope Springs,’ and starred Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.”