Tom Cruise’s African-American Son Learns He’s Adopted During ‘Red Dawn’ Press Junket

During a news conference last weekend for his upcoming film, “Red Dawn,” Connor Cruise, the 17-year-old son of movie star Tom Cruise, learned for the first time that he was actually adopted.  Randy Geller, an entertainment reporter for the St. Louis Gazette, accidentally revealed the adoption secret, when he asked Connor if taking a look at the original “Red Dawn” before shooting the remake, made him want to take a look at his original parents.

Tom Cruise

“Connor just stared at me confused and wanted to know what I was talking about,” Geller told Hollywood & Swine.  “When I saw the angry look on his publicist’s face, I realized he didn’t know.  But he did play the younger version of Will Smith in ‘Seven Pounds,’ so I assumed he understood he was adopted.”

According to sources close to the Cruise family, Tom and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman convinced Connor he was their biological son, going as far as explaining that Connor’s darker complexion was the result of the Australian born Kidman’s aborigine ancestors.

“This clears up so much, like why I call my mom ‘Nicole Kidman,’ and why she didn’t fight harder for custody in the divorce,” Connor said.  “It also explains why dad loves Suri so much more.”

Connor was forced to attend the junket for “Red Dawn” after the film’s stars, Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, went on to star in the blockbusters, “The Avengers” and “The Hunger Games,” and refused to do press for “Red Dawn because they’re still trying to forget they were in it.  The movie is finally being released after being shelved in 2010.

Tom Cruise instructed Connor’s publicist not to let any reporters bring up his adoption, but unfortunately the publicist was too busy making sure reporters didn’t bring up Katie Holmes, Scientology, “Rock of Ages,” and Uncle John Travolta’s sexual harassment lawsuits, that the adoption question was able to sneak through.

During their phone conversation, Tom Cruise apologized to his son for not telling him sooner, and offered to make it up to him by buying $50 million in movie tickets to “Red Dawn” to help make it a boxoffice hit.

“Katie and I were going to tell Connor the truth earlier in June after she got back from her trip to New York, but Katie never returned from New York,” said a devastated Tom Cruise.  “I thought the worst thing that would come out of Connor starring in ‘Red Dawn’ was when I had to sit through it at the premiere.”

  • Bettye Jackson

    I don’t believe this bull shit because it has been in the press for years that he was adopted. But I will say that Tom is a bigger jackass then I thought.

  • Analiz

    You do realize this is a satirical site, right? It’s not real.

    • D Johnson

      We do now but a banner would be helpful H&S for us first time visitors. 🙂

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        Or you could not believe every thing you read on the internet! Twit.

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          Grow up and stop trolling posts that are a 8 monthsold.

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    You poor sucker Bettye Jackson.

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    LMFAO bettye, I hope your being funny…if not…then shit your dumber than a box of rocks

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    Dumbest crap I ever read. This “satire” isn’t even funny. Kept waiting for it to get funny and it never did. Whoever wrote this piece of crap – don’t give up your day job.

  • JapesMacfarland

    That was just ugly. Silly leftists.

  • derrick

    Nicole Kidman informed him he was adopted…….right after she revealed her face was adopted.

  • Rosalee Adams

    what a disappointment to find out the real truth………

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    Ha…too funny,

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  • colbertfan

    Didn’t know Tom Cruise read H&S.

  • Saffronia

    It’s funny that the thing that’s offensive isn’t the joke, but the header calling him African American. He’s BI-RACIAL, he’s likely got African American ancestry, as well as Caucasian, and a mixture of who knows what other races… It’s SO exhausting that people can’t seem to understand that there is something outside of mono-races.

    • Nicole Brooks

      Connor Cruz is actually Ethiopian, not mixed at all, African people are very diverse, but if you must insist that he is the all the European countries facing North Africa are full of white negroes!!!

      • Hilda

        I like that

  • ananse77

    Hmm, this would be funnier if Connor looked like Derek Luke, for example. As it is, he does resemble Tom, and does look like someone who could have multi racial heritage, including Caucasian. It actually wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Tom *was* actually his biological father.

    • jayne steiner

      He is

  • Reallyrocj

    This is a load of shit.

  • MRG

    He may not be Nicole biological son, but he looks a lot like Tom, maybe he is his son!!

  • Llegra

    This boy is Tom’s biological son as they are too similar in features – same nose, forehead, mouth etc. When you see them face on in many other photographs, you can see the true resemblance.