Emilio Estevez

Unable to Get Night off from Taco Bell, Emilio Estevez Can’t Watch Premiere of Brother Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’

While millions eagerly anticipate tonight’s return of Charlie Sheen to television in FX’s “Anger Management,” his brother, Emilio Estevez, will have to miss it, as the former movie star was unable to convince his manager at the Taco Bell where he works to give him the night off to watch the premiere.

Emilio Estevez

Estevez has worked at the Burbank Taco Bell for the last eight years, occasionally taking time off to direct movies, including 2006’s “Bobby” and last year’s “The Way.” Both films died at the boxoffice, killing any dream Estevez had of leaving Taco Bell.

“I’ve watched everything my brother has done on television from ‘Spin City’ to ‘Two and a Half Men’ and even his national meltdown,” Estevez told Hollywood & Swine. “I’m really disappointed to miss ‘Anger Management’ tonight.”

Estevez’s co-worker, Lou Diamond Phillips, had arranged to cover Estevez’s shift, but he got a last minute acting gig in a straight-to-DVD thriller shooting in Detroit.

Estevez pleaded with his manager, Jorge Rodriguez, to give him the night off so he could see his younger brother’s new sitcom, but Rodriguez refused.  “I told him you’re not Charlie Sheen and this isn’t the set of ‘Two and Half Men,’ ” Rodriguez said.  “This is Taco Bell where we’re expected to act professional.  Besides, I saw a commercial for ‘Anger Management’ and it doesn’t look like Emilio will be missing much.”

“It could always be worse,” said Estevez as he prepared to head off to his shift at Taco Bell.  “I could still be married to a Paula Abdul.”

  • Pat

    I’d rather see him working the drive-thru than him making another “Mighty Ducks” movie. 

  • Desperadodave79

    And yet Estevez and Phillips are more successful than you can ever dream of being.

  • Shutup

    This is bullshit!!! Your tabloid news article is garbage!!!! Emilio Estevez doesn’t have to work at a Taco Bell! Why make up such a stupid ass lie! Get a life asshole!!!! That is such a fake picture of Emilio! If I was Emilio I would kick your ass!

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  • duckman0605

    Obviously photoshopped, but it looks more like Jeff Daniels than Emilio…lol