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Warner Bros. Banking on America’s Desire to See Tom Cruise Die Multiple Times in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Despite a soft foreign opening for “Edge of Tomorrow,” the sci-fi action film otherwise known as “Oblivion Part II: Groundhog Day,” in which Tom Cruise plays a futuristic solider forced to repeat the same day over and over again as he battles aliens, Warner Bros. is confident the film will be a major blockbuster domestically thanks to positive reviews and a surprising desire by Americans to watch Tom Cruise die on screen multiple times. In an effort to garner as much interest nationwide possible for “Edge of Tomorrow” which opens Friday, Warner Bros. has launched a bold new marketing campaign to remind audiences why Tom Cruise stopped being Hollywood’s most beloved movie star.

edge of tomorrow

“All this week Warner Bros. will be running ads consisting of Tom jumping on Oprah’s couch and giving Matt Lauer a verbal lashing over prescription drugs on the ‘Today’ show ten years ago,’ ” a Warner Bros. spokesperson told Hollywood & Swine. “The most important thing about we want audiences to know is that Tom Cruise dies more times in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ than in all of his previous films combined.”

Warner Brothers fast tracked “Edge of Tomorrow” after learning that test audiences who watched Cruise’s 2013 Universal sci-fi action film “Oblivion” admitted their favorite part of the film was when Cruise’s character dies at the end.

“Warner Bros. called me up and basically said let’s do the same exact movie, but kill you over and over again, instead of just at the end,” Cruise said. “Whenever I get down about audiences not loving me the same way they did in the 90’s, I remember an old Scientology saying that always cheers me up: ‘At least I’m not John Travolta.’ ”

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    Oh the snark is excellent! I don’t see how anybody can look at that violently insane idiot and see anything but a Scientology rube that advocate and defends gross human rights atrocities, massive financial frauds, the destruction of families, everything that Scientology commits against society. You can’t look at that dimwit and see anything but a crook.

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      Simple, I separate the actor from the man. You should try it. He makes great movies. You’re missing out.