Warner Bros. Demands Gerard Butler Change His Name

On the heels of their public battle with Harvey Weinstein over the title for the upcoming Weinstein Company drama, “The Butler,” claiming it was already taken by their 1916 silent short film, “The Butler,” Warner Bros. is now demanding movie star Gerard Butler change his name, claiming they also owned it first.  According to a spokesperson for Warner Brothers, the studio feels by referring to himself as Gerard Butler, the actor is causing confusion with the studios little seen 1912 short also named “Gerard Butler.”

Gerard Butler

A Warner Bros. messenger delivers a cease and desist order to Gerard Butler, demanding that he change his name.

“In the early 20th century we actually made thousands of short films in order to own every title we could think of and strangely Gerard Butler happened to be one of them,” a spokesperson for Warner Bros. told Hollywood & Swine.   “Just ask Channing Tatum if Gerard Butler causing confusion is a laughing matter.  ‘White House Down’ bombed because everyone in America thought they already watched it three months later when it was called ‘Olympus Has Fallen.”

Meanwhile The Weinstein Company’s Co-Chairman, Harvey Weinstein, is continuing to refuse to back down against Warner Brothers over calling his Lee Daniel’s directed film “The Butler.”  Weinstein released a statement earlier today, stating that “The Butler,” which tells the true story of an African-American butler who worked in the White House during eight different presidencies, is not only an important film for the millions of African-Americans nationwide, but it is also an important film for the butlers who serve on hand and foot for Hollywood richest people.

Warner Bros. countered Weinstein’s latest statement by offering him up several options to name Lee Daniel’s latest film, including “Inglorious Waiters,” “Silver Linings Cookbook,” “The Other Black Guy In the White House,” and “Benson: The Movie.”

  • Lisa

    This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read. That’s the man’s given birth name! WB really needs to get over themselves if this is true.

    • hupto

      Lisa, we feel it’s time you were told this: It’s a joke.

  • Lacrobat

    “This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read.”

    You should read some of the other comments posted on here by people who don’t realize that this is a satire site.

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  • James McEnanly

    It didn’t work with the Marx Brothers ‘A Night in Casablanca’ either

  • Rosalee Adams

    what a circus but hey nothing new for la la land