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Out Of Work Actors Ecstatic Adam Levine Is Finally Getting Chance to Break Into Movies

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

On the heels of the nationwide release of the musical dramedy, “Begin Again,” thousands of out-of-work actors revealed how happy they are that “Maroon 5” front man and NBC’s “The Voice” star Adam Levine is finally getting his chance to break into feature films. According to Adrian Sewell, a 38 year-old part-time barista and full-time out-of-work-actor, he’s excited anytime someone breaks through in Hollywood, whether it is one of his fellow struggling actor friends or a millionaire rock star who dates Victoria’s Secret models.

“Although he didn’t spend four years and waste a small fortune to listen to James Lipton’s boorish lectures at the Actor’s Studio like I did, I’m sure Adam will be a great film actor,” Sewell told Hollywood & Swine. “And the fact that Ceelo Green also landed a major role in ‘Begin Again’ makes me even happier. It’s about time both those guys got a break.”

Sewell was also shocked to learn that Levine wasn’t a classically trained actor and that he took the role in “Begin Again” not to fulfill a lifelong dream of being on the big screen, but because he thought it might be a fun experience.

“I haven’t been this excited for someone’s film debut since Rihanna appeared in ‘Battleship,” Sewell said. “But I can’t deny Adam Levine has some incredible natural acting talent. Anyone who can tell contestants on ‘The Voice’ that they’re going to be the next big music superstar and make it sound somewhat convincingly clearly knows how to act.”

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    Me Luvs Yous Guyz….Because you’re stories could be true and are written believably, I always have a smile on my face after each new submission. I like it best when I pass your articles on to friends and they fall hook/line & sinker. ‘Course, I’d believe your B4 the NY Daily News, NY Post & TMZ.