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Zach Braff Orders Kickstarter Donors to Stop Calling Themselves Producers Of ‘Wish I Was Here’

by Andy Marx & Will McArdle

Former “Scrubs” star Zach Braff has demanded that individuals who donated money to him last year on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter stop claiming to be actual producers of his latest film, “Wish I Was Here.” Braff’s anger at the people who helped make his movie possible comes on the heels of the auteur receiving countless complaints from women around Los Angeles who have slept with men claiming to be “Wish I Was Here” producers, only to learn the next day that they merely donated $20 online to help fund the film.

“Thank God ‘Wish I Was Here’ isn’t good enough to win a Best Picture Academy Award, otherwise I’d have 500 people rushing the stage to get a producer’s Oscar,” Braff told Hollywood & Swine. “A prostitute once warned me that when you solicit money online from random strangers, you should be prepared for them to expect all types of things from you, the least of which is a producer’s credit.”

Braff saved his harshest criticism for Jerry Phelps, a 42-year-old Long Beach, California resident who donated $15 last year to help the “Garden State” director get his latest passion project off the ground. Since his donation, Phelps has not only called himself the film’s executive producer, but he has also made up his own “Wish I Was Here” crew jacket which he wears regularly, as well as spending the majority of his days auditioning young aspiring actresses for the film’s sequel.

“After financing ‘Wish I Was Here,’ I now understand why Megan Ellison got in the business in the first place,” Phelps said. “After finally getting around to seeing ‘I Wish I Was Here,’ I wish I gave Zach another $15 bucks so he could afford some much-needed reshoots.”

  • TJ

    I actually saw “I Wish I Was Here” and now I know why Braff had to go on Kickstarter to get funding for it. Made me :”Wish I wasn’t in the theater.” A Redbox rental at best.

  • Sarah Nelson

    First “Veronica Mars” now “Wish I Was Here.” Kickstarter has basically become the newest version of HBO’s Project Greenlight!!! We know how many great movies came out of that failed experiment…

  • Westland

    Zach Braff needs to stop acting like such a scrub and be grateful to the people who donated their hard earned money for him to make his movie.

  • diaper

    fuck, I gotta dook