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‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Producer Megan Ellison to Teach ‘How to Break Into Hollywood’ at Learning Annex

Oscar-nominated “Zero Dark Thirty” producer Megan Ellison has joined the faculty at the Los Angeles Learning Annex where she will be teaching “How to Break into Hollywood.”  According to Ellison’s curriculum, students who want to enroll in her class must meet the following prerequisites: a desire to make great films and a billionaire father.

megan ellison 2“Megan added a lot as a producer on ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’” said the film’s director, Katherine Bigelow.  “She brought determination, passion, and most importantly, a $45 million dollar check.”

Ellison, the daughter of the third richest man in America, Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison, said the extra paycheck she’ll receive as an instructor at Learning Annex will be helpful after she lost millions after financing Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master.”

“A lot of people believe anyone with a billion dollars can write out a huge check and call themself a producer,” Megan Ellison told Hollywood & Swine.  “They’re absolutely right, but if you don’t know what you are doing you could find yourself losing millions on a horrible Taylor Kitsch film, instead of losing millions on an Oscar-nominated quality film like ‘The Master.’ ”

“How to Break Into Hollywood,” will also have several guest lectures by Megan’s brother, movie producer and fellow billionaire heir David Ellison.  Enrollment in “How to Break Into Hollywood” is filling up quickly with Rory Gates, the teenage son of Bill Gates, Alexis Cuban, 7-year-old daughter of Mark Cuban, and Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of New York Mayor Bloomberg having already signed up.

For the final class project, students will help Megan and David Ellison figure out how to resurrect the “Terminator” franchise, that the siblings recently paid millions for after Director Jail inmate McG ran the series into the ground with his dreadful “Terminator: Salvation.”

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